Embracing My Waves

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Embracing My Waves


I first started to embrace my waves in the spring of 2019, little did I know what it would lead to! Like many I fell down the rabbit hole of the "curly girl method", from cowashing to deep conditioner, plopping to sleep protection. Nearly 5 years down the line my hair has completely transformed, and although I'm definitely not an expert I've learned a lot along the way. 

Current Fave products-

Malibu hard water wellness shampoo

Faith in Nature Grapefruit & Orange conditioner (only to condition and detangle, I rinse all conditioner out)

Ecoslay Orange marmalade gel

By Selina Protein drops - Unfortunately discontinued but I also use Aromantic Phytokeratin

Top Tips

Fine wavy hair can get overmoisturised easily, I never deep condition, and almost always skip leave in, less is definitely more

Be patient! This is my biggest tip, my hair keeps changing, it is recovering from years of treating it like it was straight, this isn’t an overnight miracle

Focus on the health of your hair first, techniques take time to learn and perfect

Protect your hair at night, why do all that hard work just to ruin it overnight? Obviously I recommend using a BamBonn!

Try micro plopping as opposed to plopping, I get much more consistent results that way. I love using my BamBonn towel to both micro plop and to scrunch out the crunch

Find someone whose hair looks like yours and look at their techniques and products

Don’t try everything at once, switch up one product, try one technique, it’s much easier to work out what works that way

FYI my hair is NOT curly, it is wavy, the only bits that curl from the root are tiny bits of baby hairs. Also I don’t do any finger coiling or curl training.

What are your top wavy tips? Comment below x